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Love begins, why love are dying?

Von am 1. Februar 2008

Love begins, why love are dying? I wake up and I’m just crying
Now you never on my side, but my feelings for you are right.
Heaven, heaven can you help me? I’ve only a wish I say.
Please bring back my girl and now I am ok.

You remember amazing Sunday? We both know it wasn’t Monday.
You have preset the day for me, it’s the best I’ve ever see.
Thank you, thank you for this Sunday; you took all my troubles away
And you know now, that’s the reason I’m a better man today.

Telling you about my past, and I think it wasn’t fast
Now you understand all the letters I have sent
If I think, I think of you, you’re my honey I need you
If I didn’t loving you, could not write this song for you.

Zum besseren Verständnis:

Man muss sich zu dem Text die Melodie von „where is the love“ von den black eyed peas denken. Der Text ist nämlich darauf ausgelegt.

Dann holpert es auch nicht so extrem…

end 2007, written by Clemens Fischer

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