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Warten auf das richtige Wort

Von am 1. Februar 2008

Ich warte

Warte auf das richtige


Kommt bald


Ich schweige
10. Klasse: Poetikepoche, written by Clemens Fischer

  1. Cinta sagt:

    Of course, burauacrets at private insurance companies have been doing these terrible things for years, but we’re not supposed to notice.This is because the opposition to conservative corporate war on healthcare reform has been limited to advocacy of government administered plans rather than taking the battle straight to those who are engaged in war on government and thus the citizens it aims to serve.Some insurance company CEO will be making decision regarding my health? That’s authoritarianism feudalism. There are readily available stories that must be replayed over and over to etch these realities into the minds of the stubbornly resistant. Don’t take a knife to a gunfight. Few democrats in Congress have faced up to the viciousness of the fight that must necessarliy occur if we are to have single payor healthcare. Few are taking the stand right now.

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